Hi I’m Chef Stephan Pyles. One of my favorite things to do in the summer is…

bite into a ripe juicy watermelon. But how do you make sure the watermelon you take home will be the “best of the best”? I hate to get one of those melons that’s mushy!

My four steps to picking the perfect watermelon are in this short video. I hope you’ll watch it.

  1. First, the watermelon you want should be heavy for it’s size. Pick them up and compare. You want the one that feels like it’s “full”!
  2. Second, inspect the watermelon, and look for a creamy underbelly. If it’s bottom side is “creamy” that means it’s been sitting long enough to ripen.
  3. A watermelon that is larger than the others also usually means that’s the one that’s been sitting long enough to get nice and big and ripe, so look for one that’s larger in size.
  4. And finally, do the thump test. Play the bongos on a few of the melons! You want the one that has a hollow sound when you thump it with your thumb. My grandmother taught me that trick and it works every time. Happy eating!