I made a reservation at this restaurant a month ahead of time to get in! Was it worth it?

Yes. The food and the atmosphere at Lucia are both delicious.

You know I’m not a reviewer but I really enjoy finding a little place that serves wonderful food. I go to a lot of restaurants and I have a handful that I would go back to time after time because the meal was so good. Lucia is one of those.

Lucia is a tiny place in the heart of the Bishop Arts District of Oak Cliff.  Inside, it’s warm and inviting. Every table has a view of the charming open kitchen.

lucia inside

The meal begins with a little bowl of warm olives and some of the best bread I’ve eaten in a long time.

The menu is divided into four courses: antipasti (starter), primi (pasta), secondi (entree) and dolce (dessert).

Our antipasti included salumi misti (a tasting of house-made cured meats)

lucia salumiI ordered the “Crostini with peas, ricotta, pickled garlic scapes, and spicy cod bottarga”  because I saw that it was sprinkled with “bottarga”, a condiment I fell in love with when I visited Sardinia.

lucia crostini

Three different hand made pastas for our primi course were all delicious.

lucia pastas

I could eat the veal ragu, with a spoon, alone. Each pasta could be ordered in a larger size as a main course.

The duck breast was outstanding. My “Ocean Trout with peas, bacon, spring onions and cream”  was a perfect spring combination.

I’ve been to a lot of Italian restaurants where the dessert wasn’t nearly as good as the rest of the meal. I would go back to Lucia for the dolce alone.

lucia dessert

I had a “Breadcrumb  semifreddo with bittersweet chocolate boudino and olive oil” that was one of the best things I’ve ever eaten. A semifreddo is a little like an ice cream cake!

A sample menu can be seen at this link LuciaThe items on the menu will probably be a little different when you go as they change with what’s fresh and available.

And you should go, if you love good food as much as I do!