There is a certain kind of dress that looks good on TV, Facebook, Instagram… or whatever…

With the holiday season coming up I want to give you some tips that I have learned that will help you look your very best for all those party and family pictures that are going to be snapped. And at the bottom of this post I have some examples.

There are tricks that make all the difference in how you look on camera.  No one has the perfect body, and that includes me. I am short-waisted, which is why you will almost never see me in a belt;  I look 20 pounds heavier!

I got these tips from the woman who consults for NBC stations across the country and does wardrobing for women like those on the TODAY Show. Here’s what we’re going to look at:

Best Dressing for Camera Rules

1) Neckline

2) Color

3) Shape

4) Fabric

5) Hem Length

6) Solids & Patterns

We’re going to take these one at a time, today we’re going to look at #1, Neckline:

The photos in the slideshow at the top  are just some random pictures I pulled off my Facebook page, but do you notice something in common in every one?

A V-neck  is flattering on almost everybody.  If you have a little discoloration on your neck just be sure you take your make-up down to your bra line. (Even if you don’t that’s a good idea.)

Here’s what a V-neck does:

1) A V-neck draws the eye up and down, giving  the illusion of a longer slimmer line, all the way down the body.

2) A V-neck gives the “hint” of something more, and is a little more eye-catching. It is pretty, yet womanly.

3) V-necks give the impression that you are open and friendly. Yes, research shows that a high neck on a blouse or dress can make a person seem less approachable. A V-neck is literally, open.

This does not mean that every dress needs to have a V-neck. But I like to buy things that have the best chance of looking good in pictures or on TV. Even a jacket like that red one can look good with a V.

When I shop I have a mental checklist; the dress that I can check a “yes” to on items 1 through 6  is going to be a Best Dress; a dress I know I will reach for time and again, the best value for my money.

By Thanksgiving you are going to know what to look for when you shop in a store or online that I hope will help give you your best look possible on camera!

I scanned the online sites this morning and here are some good looks that would be great in any picture.

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Happy Shopping,


P.S. is a site a lot of TV people use. The sizes are limited and the dresses are usually at least a season old, but the prices are about half of retail. Is there a question you have about dressing for Facebook?  Ask me in the comments and I’ll try to answer!

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