This is absolutely melt in your mouth, delicious.

Prime Rib is such a beautiful thing to serve for Christmas dinner.

This recipe came from my good friend Kevin McCarthy. I’ve know Kevin from the days he was the “sports guy” at Channel 4. Now he’s the co-host of the Car Pro Show, but this recipe has followed him everywhere.

The only thing to decide is how done you want your roast. I prefer medium rare but if you like a roast that’s a little more done, leave it in for the 20 minutes that is recommended.

And don’t forget to let your prime rib sit outside the refrigerator for an hour before you put it in the oven.

David’s rock-salt prime rib

Cover the bottom of a roaster with about 1/2 inch of rock salt and
lightly dampen it.
Sprinkle the prime rib with worcestershire powder and then place it in
the roaster.
Pour rock salt over it until the sides and top are covered and then
lightly sprinkle it with water.
Put it in the oven uncovered pre-heated to 500 degrees for about
18-20 minutes per pound for medium. (people’s preference on how long to
cook and how well done is best seem to vary widely so use your own
When you’re finished cooking, take the rib out and crack open the rock
salt casing. Brush away any salt particles and there you have it.

You can see the original recipe post, plus the “Make-Ahead Mashed Potatoes” that go with the roast right here at Car Pro Show Host Kevin McCarthy’s Famous Thanksgiving Recipes. And thank you Kevin for the recipes, best Christmas gift ever!



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