That’s what everyone on the Good Morning Texas crew, including me, said about…

the brisket The Ranch House brought on set.

The Ranch House has been voted one of the best in Texas for BarBQ and we wanted to find out why,  so we asked them to bring some of their food on the show.

The beans and potato salad were delicious…ranch house beans

ranch house potato

And the banana pudding was the old fashioned home made kind..ranch house pudding

But it was the brisket that we couldn’t believe!ranch house brisketEvery bite was so tender with just the right tangy flavor and a nice crunchy brown on the outside…it was so good everyone in the studio lined up for seconds, and thirds.ranch house lineThe next time you’re in the mood for BarBQ, I’d suggest a short drive to The Ranch House, just south of Ft. Worth in Glen Rose, one of the prettiest parts of our area.

And if you want to see the GMT segment here’s The Ranch House Cooking in the GMT Kitchen





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