I’m on the hunt for the best birthday cake because…November is my birthday month!

I’m always trying to find the perfect white cake. I like chocolate, but there’s nothing better than the best white cake ever. So, I’m looking.

A friend on my Facebook suggested the new Cake Bar at Trinity Groves so I stopped by. It’s adorable and the cake is delicious.

Cake Bar  has a killer white Wedding Cake but they also have traditional Chocolate and Strawberry cakes…Neopolitan, Key Lime, Carrot, Italian Creme and Red Velvet. And lots of others!

The owner, Tracy German, had been making cakes out of her house for 14 years. Word of mouth was so good that she could hardly keep up with the demand. Tracy makes traditional southern style ‘made from scratch’ cakes like the kind her mother baked when she was growing up in Georgia. I met her when I went in and she was nice as could be, and very busy!

Where is your favorite place to get yummy birthday cake? And what’s your favorite kind of cake? Are you a chocolate person? Or are you like me, and always looking for the perfect white cake? By the way, after years of looking, I have a recipe for white cake that I’ll be sharing.

Please tell me about your favorite cake place in the comments below because I only have 27 days left to look for my perfect birthday cake! jane-signature

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