She’s still beautiful, inside and out,

almost 20 years after she starred as Maggie in the hit TV series “Northern Exposure”.

I interviewed Janine Turner at her ranch north of Dallas where she and her 16 year old daughter Juliette spend weekends. That’s her Mom Janice with them.

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Here’s some of the fun stuff Janine told me that I didn’t put in my “Texas Legends” interview. Here’s the link to our interview : Good Morning Texas.

  • Favorite Tex-Mex restaurant: “I love Joe T’s in Ft. Worth, especially sitting outside on the patio in pretty weather.”
  • Guilty Pleasure: “It’s a toss-up, chocolate or Fritos!”
  • All Time Favorite Movie: “Field of Dreams, because I love Kevin Costner and happy endings.”
  • Relationship Status: “I date occasionally but no one special.” (go figure!)
  • Three Most Important Qualities in a Man: “The most important of all is religious compatibility, but after that I would say love of country, intellectual curiosity and a good sense of humor!”
  • Beauty Secrets: “Pure shea butter is the only cream I use on my face or body, and I can’t live without lip liner, lipstick and mascara.”

A lot of people wanted me to ask Janine was how she was dealing with being an aging actress in Hollywood. She told me she hasn’t had any “work” done and doesn’t intend to.

So far, that seems to be serving her well. Janine stars as Anthony Hopkins’ wife in the new movie “Solace” coming out this fall.

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