You might ask, “feminine enough for who?”  When I wrote about this on my social media, it got one of the largest responses ever, so I wanted to share the story behind it.

I wrote that I’ve always had a fantasy about being a full time wife and mother. I know that may sound funny coming from a woman who has worked outside the home every day of her adult life, and it’s easy for me to say, because I have a rewarding career that I enjoy and appreciate. But I thought it was worth bringing up because it goes to the heart of a larger issue;  I see more women than ever before these days dissatisfied with their personal lives, specifically their relationships with men.  
I don’t actually want to not have a career, but as we enter #womenshistorymonth, I ask the question: where do you fit “feminine” into your life? I’m talking about the “divine feminine”;  the receiving, loving, nurturing side of you that we all, both women and men, have the capacity for. Oddly enough, it’s often women these days I see having difficulty making room for it in their lives. 
There’s a whole movement among young women who “don’t need a man”. It’s as if we’ve come to view dependence of any kind as bad. But all women, and men, need dependence on one another. I believe there is a basic human need for love, intimacy and connection. I think sometimes “I don’t need a man” is code for “I’m tired of getting hurt”, which is understandable but doesn’t solve the problem. A healthy woman with healthy self-love can risk being vulnerable, even dependent; she can risk rejection knowing she will recover.
There’s a difference between “needing” a relationship and “wanting” one and a good relationship requires giving, and receiving, in the most “feminine” sense of the word. My fantasy about being a full time wife or mother deals with that basic biological desire, I believe, to express the feminine side, to be appreciated in that way. And I think it’s important to find a way to fit it in.


So I’m curious, how do you feel about where women are right now? Are you happy with your career and personal relationship life? What could be better for women these days? 


Much love,



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