If you want to see the new movie American Sniperhere is a special opportunity.

You can see the movie and meet Jeff Kyle, the brother of Chris Kyle, at Studio Movie Grill in Plano today.

Iraqi war veteran Jacob Schick, who stars in the movie, will also be there. I interviewed Jacob for one of my Texas Legends on Good Morning Texas and I can tell you this is a terrific chance to meet a real American hero.

American Sniper Jacob Schick USMC

This is also a unique opportunity to ask Jake and Jeff Kyle questions during a Q&A before and after the showing.

Studio Movie Grill will open at 11:30 for the Q&A. The movie starts at 12:30.

Studio Movie Grill is at 4721 West Park Blvd. in Plano.








I haven’t seen American Sniper yet but it looks powerful.

Please let me know what you think if you go see it,



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