I don’t for one minute think what Ray Rice did was right.

I’ve heard some people say that some couples just live that way, fighting and making up. I don’t know. I’ve learned that it is a big world out there and I’m reluctant to judge without walking in someones’ shoes.

I generally believe both Rice and his wife have serious emotional and psychological issues and problems that I hope they can work on, for their own sakes and the sake of their families.

But the NFL…in some ways I think what the NFL did was just as wrong, if not more so, than Rice.

I will give them the benefit of the doubt.  Maybe they really did try to get to the bottom of the Rice mess. Maybe it’s just a tragic error in judgement; they thought they had the truth and left it at that.  But something in me can find it difficult to believe that had the NFL really wanted to obtain the elevator video they could not have. The NFL is made up of some of the most powerful people in the country.

Did they just have other things to tend to that they thought were more important and not give the Rice incident the attention it deserved?

Did they hope the Rice situation would go away? Because Rice was a valuable, popular player? Because someone genuinely liked Rice and didn’t want to pursue the incident any further?

Did the powerful owners and leaders of the NFL go into the Rice investigation with a stereotyping “it’s just another highly paid athlete mess……” attitude?

All I know is this. I think the NFL did a disservice to football fans, youngsters who look up to the players, the integrity of the game and to Rice himself.

Had the NFL aggressively pursued finding and watching the video, they might have taken appropriate action at the time. They might have suspended Rice for a year or more and required him to take part in a proven treatment program.

As it it, Rice is out of a job. He is losing sponsorships right and left. I fear the odds that he, on his own, will undertake the kind of treatment plan that might truly provide healing for him and his family are slim.

And NFL has damaged itself by appearing to either cover up or ignore a brutal incident involving one of it’s key players.

I can’t help wonder what former outstanding players and men like Troy Aikman and Roger Staubach think of this mess.

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