I never thought I would be here…I’m the only person in my family who is divorced. And for a long time, I struggled with guilt about that, until I came to see that my ex, my son and I have all benefitted from changing the family system we had. My ex-husband and I are very good friends,  we’re still a “family”, just a different kind.  

That said, mature dating is….interesting!  Yes, I’m on the dating apps, but I have a little secret I’ll share with you about the way I think its smart for women to handle that.  I’m not comfortable with my photo and profile sitting out there for everyone to see.  So….for instance on Match, I use the setting that allows only people I message to see my profile.  I scroll through and if there is anyone I think might be fun to meet, I send a little “Hi!” and if they respond we chat.  

On apps where that feature isn’t available, I simply make my profile visible long enough to scroll through, send a message, then I make it invisible again.

This video I posted on my social media inspired this blog, and I’ll keep you updated about how dating this particular man turns out.  He’s a couple years older than me and I usually date younger, I like that he is very considerate and calls every couple of days just to see how I’m doing.  At this point, I’m interested in being with people who are a positive experience and enhance the life I’ve created!


I’d love to know about your dating experiences, please tell me in the comments!



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