I have so many snapshots in my mind from September 11….

From the giant black plume of smoke rising out of the Twin Towers to the images of President Bush using a bullhorn to rally firefighters, police and first responders on the ground.

But one thing I don’t have from that day are pictures that I snapped; of my third grade son running out of his school and into my arms or of the absolute chaos in a newsroom that was trying to cover so many tragic and unbelievable stories at once.

September 11 was one of the last major moments in our country before everyone was carrying a cellphone to snap pictures of everything that happens in our lives.  Almost none of us have any personal pictures from that day to look back at.

Many of the mementos from the day are now on display at the Bush Presidential Library and Museum in Dallas.

If you have not yet visited the Bush Library, today might be an excellent time to make that trip.  It wouldn’t take most of us in the Dallas Ft. Worth area more than 30 minutes to get there.

The picture at the top of this page is from an interview I did with the President one of the first days reporters were allowed inside the Library.

To me, the bullhorn is probably the most memorable item on display from September 11.

Have you been to the Bush Center yet?   If so, what did you think of it?  Were there pieces on display that you found particularly meaningful?

And, if you had been carrying your cellphone that day, what pictures would you have snapped?  What moments stand out in your memory?

Please leave your comments below.

And I wish you a blessed day.  I say a prayer today for all those who live with a permanent loss from September 11.





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