Everybody is talking about 50 Shades of Grey and the abuse of women…but my questions is

What about the message it sends to young boys and men? That that’s  the way women want to be treated??

I am not talking about the sex scenes here. Leave the bedroom and harmless fantasies out of this discussion.

I’m talking about the character of Christian Grey. As a woman I can’t think of anything more creepy, horrifying and ultimately repulsive than falling in love with a man who abuses my trust, lies to me, takes advantage of my good heart and gaslights.  (If you’re not familiar with the clinical use of gaslights I hope you’ll google it; it’s frightening.)

It’s an unrealistic, fantastical Hollywood twist that Ana eventually helps heal Christian’s broken and twisted soul, and it takes away from the central message of how he has selfishly invaded her body, mind and heart.

That is not a real man. Compassion and honesty are the hallmarks of a man, both of which Christian was robbed of a long time ago.

As a Mom of a boy, it disappoints me that I’ve seen very little about how boys are supposed to process all this. And I feel sorry for all the young men trying to grow up in this world who get the message that Christian Grey is the guy who gets the girl.

Happy Valentine’s Day,




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