I used almost all green to landscape my Ft. Worth home…Especially at this time of year, when it’s hard to find seasonal color at any nursery, lots of green in your landscape means it’s always pretty.  Once your green landscape is planted you don’t have to worry about constantly changing out plants. Just enjoy.

And I just like the play of different shades and textures of green against one another…the broad deep green leaf of a Japanese Aralia against a beautiful soft fern.  Pittosporum is one of my very favorite green shrubs.

The beautiful Italian cypress against a hedge of wax myrtle along the side of the house reminds me of Italy.  I love magnolias just about anywhere, and the loquat is a beautiful tree that also bears wonderful bright yellow fruit that is delicious to eat!

I like my garden color in splashes, like the brilliant blue of plumbago by the crystal clear water of a pool, or a really pretty pink bougainvillea.

And by the way, after they survived several summers in a row, I can tell you that all the plants I have mentioned will thrive in the Texas heat.

Want to talk about gardens with me?  Tell me what you’d like to know in the comments below.

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