What a difference a hairstyle makes!  My life hasn’t been the same since I met Kameron.

These pics are a before and after of another client who goes to Kameron. I love her new look on the right.

Since Kameron started doing my hair about 5 years ago, for the first time in my life, I can pretty much “brush and go”.  I had always heard about those kind of haircuts, but never had one.

Seriously, I know it sounds like a small problem, but almost any woman can tell you how frustrating it is to waste time mussing and fussing with your hair, and it still never looks right.  And I love the “50 Shades of Blonde” she puts in mine.

It’s all about the cut, the line, the color.  Kameron is an artist and I’ve seen her make so many women happy with the results. She just has the touch and I wanted to share her work with you.  Even if it means I may have even more trouble getting in to see her!



“Born in the big city, but raised in a small town I have enjoyed being in the hair industry in Dallas for more than a decade. Art has many forms and creating art with hair and making people look and feel beautiful has always captivated me.”


Kameron Douglas

Certified Redken Colour Specialist




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