Hi, I’m Cheryl Crosby. I started doing hair and make-up for Jane when she anchored the news…

at NBC5.

I have my own company. I work with lots of celebrities, like Matt Lauer on the TODAY show. I’m going to be sharing my secrets for looking your best here on Real Jane.

I hope you’ll watch my first tip: this short video where I show you how to fix one of the biggest problems Texas women have with their hair… getting a little bit of lift (especially during our humid Texas summers) without looking like a “helmet head”.


Working in one inch sections, use a small comb to push hair down to the base.


You should have a “pad” that will almost hold the comb.


Let the section of hair drop naturally, and separate to a smooth look. Repeat throughout the crown of the head.


Spray lightly for a finished look that’s smooth but not stiff!