Are your legs their ‘summer ready’ best yet?

Before we know it, we’ll be wearing shorts, sundresses and swimsuits.  If you want to have your best legs yet this summer, here are 3 simple tips that can help.

1) Exfoliate your legs with a gentle scrub before shaving.  I know, I’d never heard of this either. But when I tried it, the results were amazing. Exfoliating gets rid of all the dry skin and leaves legs super soft. There are lots of great scrubs out there, I love the smell of ‘Fresh’ Brown Sugar Body Polish.

2) Don’t skimp on your shaving cream & razor! In fact, do what the guys do by using a great shaving cream instead of a soap for lather, and try a men’s razor; they often are better and cheaper than ladies’ razors. Trader Joe’s Honey Mango Shaving Gel for men or women is perfect.

3) Finish with an enriching moisturizer and spray tan for a golden glow. My favorite is Body Drench Quick TanTo keep my legs ‘summer ready’ every day for Good Morning Texas I try to spray tan a couple of times a week.

Beauty Editor Cheryl Crosby shows a couple of important tips for the best spray tan results in this short video: Spray Tan Secrets.

It’s almost summer, time for that golden glow!



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