Booties can look really cute, or awful….

They are everywhere for fall.

The camera shows all flaws. Sometimes I’ve learned the hard way, so when I come along little tips, I want to share them with you.

The booties I have on in these pictures are my favorite ones I have and here are the reasons I think these work better than some others I’ve tried.

1) Booties with open toes and cut-outs let you see part of the leg and so they make your legs look longer.

2) I like booties that aren’t too tight and leave a little  space around the leg.  I think they make the leg look smaller.

3) Especially if they are closed toe, booties that are the same color as your leg give a longer, slimmer line.

Finally, I think booties look best when worn with a shorter skirt or a fuller skirt.  Booties and a long straight skirt don’t show enough of the leg.

Here are 3 examples I pulled up online.



Nordstroms “Sydney” $89.95

481005_in_s “Schutz” $135

2936890-p-MOBILETHUMB “Franco Sarto” $149



Clothing and shoes can be really expensive, I’ll try to help you with some tips I’ve learned!

Happy Shopping,