I love this!  Look at these before and after pictures and you won’t believe…

what you can do with makeup in 2 minutes.  If  you’re like me you’re always on the run and sometimes I barely have any time at all.

So I asked Real Jane Beauty Editor  and Agency Celebrity Artists founder Cheryl Crosby to do a 2 minute makeover on my friend DIVAS founder Amber Rogers and I think you’ll be WOWed!

Cheryl’s short video at the top will show you the 4 little products you need, and how to do it!

Here’s the easy 4 step process.

Brow Powder (Anastasia of Beverly Hills is what I use)


Eye Liner  (MAC makes a great one)











Mascara (even Cheryl uses Maybelline)


Lip Gloss (this Tangerine from Bobbie Brown is one I like)










Then kiss your cheeks with color, I like apricot, but whatever works best with your complexion.  And you are ready to face the world!


Have an awesome Friday,