This is one of my favorite pictures of me and my Dad….

And here’s another, a few years later, when my Dad (who is 86) had come by to show off his snazzy new Tesla!

Growing up, I was lucky to have a Dad who was always curious about what was next or new in the world. Long before the #metoo movement I learned from my Dad that a girl could do anything a boy could, in fact, anything she wanted!

In the small mid western town of Anna, Illinois, my Dad managed the local radio station, WRAJ AM & FM. In the picture below he’s manning his booth at the Union County Fair.
This picture was snapped when I was about four years old…

and getting my first taste of broadcasting, doing a commercial with my Dad about Quick Bake Cakes by the local bread company, Bunny Bread. Click on the arrow and take a listen, we were both having fun;)

My Dad taught my brother David, who also lives in Dallas, and me the twin values of honesty and hard work.

Even though the radio station he owned was in a town of only 4,500 people, by the time I was in high school my Dad was taking me along when he traveled to interview people like Walter Cronkite.

He taught us to dream big, and he’s still excited about what’s next in his life.

My Mom died of ALS in 2012 and I was worried about how my Dad would do without her. Through the grace of God, he moved into a Methodist Church facility, C.C. Young Senior Living, and now he’s busy writing biographies of all the people who live in his building at C.C. Young.

He became good friends with one of those people at C.C. Young and spends a lot of his free time now with sweet Tucker Burns. I’m so thankful she’s in my Dad’s life.

So on this Father’s Day, Dad, we’ve come a long way together, and I just wanted to say thank you.





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